[VOLEXY] Cell Down Body Shaper Waist / Arm / Thigh Belts

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Volexy Cell Down Body Shaper:
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Take Note: We are selling the NEW upgraded version which has INNER SILIVER lining and NOT the old version which has BLACK lining. 

VOLEXY Cell Down Body Shaper belts Waist / Arm / Thigh Belts

Made in: 
South Korea

Thigh Belts

Product Description:
VOLEXY Cell Down Body Shaper belts are made to help you burn fat faster, by sweating effectively. Specially designed, to increase the temperature during workouts to provide more effective results from exercising.
Easy-to-use neoprene material belts retain heat to increase sweat levels and allows you to lose weight faster.

One size fits all and comes in 3 variations - waist belt, thigh belts & arm belts. It is certified by KATRINA [Korean Apparel Testing and Research Institute] as safe to use.
Made with lint-free sharkskin fabric; it is durable, soft magic velcro, and comes in hygienic packaging.

Frequency & Directions of Use:

  1. Clean the surface of sweat/debris and strap on the Volexy belt(s) tightly.
  2. Carry on with your regular workout sessions/physical activities/day-to-day activities with the belt(s) on.
  3.  When done, remove the belt(s) and wipe clean with a tissue.
  4. Use daily and consistently.

Care Instructions:

  1. Just wipe off daily sweat with wet tissues
  2. When there is odor or when using the belts after cream, wipe it with an alcohol tissue or alcohol spray cleansing tissue
  3. Wash once or twice a month in lukewarm water with a mild soap
  4. Hang-dry
  5. Do not run the dryer
  6. Dries faster than you think

Solve your concerns

  • Those who want to sweat effectively
  • Those who want to slim down
  • Those who want to burn fat faster
  • Those who want to increase core temperature during workouts  
  • Those who want to build muscles

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Burn fat faster from inside out with this duo!

Volexy belts effectively makes you sweat by increasing body temperature. Specially designed, to increase the effectiveness of the workout!

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