[DAYCELL] Sculltox PLLA Volume and Lifting Program

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Botulinum Toxin 5 000 PPM used in this formula is a Cosmetic Skincare ingredient Sr-(Oligopeptide-91 Clostridium Botulinum Polypeptide-1).

Cosmetic Skincare ingredient Sr-(Oligopeptide-91 Clostridium Botulinum Polypeptide-1) is the FIRST Botulinum Ingredient found in ICID; International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook


Daycell Sculltox PLLA Volume and Lifting Program

3 x (5ml of Ampoule and 5ml of Powder)

Made In:
South Korea

Product Description:
Everyone is different, but all of our skin cells undergo aging. As we grow older, the body’s ability to produce collagen and the skin’s ability to bounce back to its original shape starts reducing. The Sculltox PLLA Volume and Lifting Program is an ampoule that promotes your skin’s ability to continue producing collagen. This makes it a superhero when it comes to anti-aging care!

It contains PLLA and Hyaluronic Acid that moisturizes and volumizes the skin. It is a mix of freeze-dried powder with a Synergy Ampoule that lifts and makes the skin firm! It leaves you feeling refreshed, without any stickiness. It also improves skin tone and brightens your skin. It helps improve wrinkles by promoting the synthesis of collagen. The combination of PLLA with Hyaluronic Acid strengthens the skin barrier while supplying the cells with nutrition and nourishment. It also contains Botulinum Toxin that protects the skin intensively, while promoting its elasticity. It also has spicules that are amazing at micro needling of your skin, and delivering these ingredients directly into the skin cells!

It is amazing at brightening, smoothing, and volumizing your skin! So take home the Sculltox PLLA Volume and Lifting Program for amping up your skin’s glam!

Botox Alternatives
Rejuvenate Skin
Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
Clinical Trial Test Completed
The FIRST Botulinum Ingredient (Cosmetic Ingredient) on INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient)

Frequency of Use:
Use it twice a day, Morning and Night for best results

Direction of Use:
1. Lift the lid up by pushing it in the direction of the arrow indicate on the cap
2. Remove the seal. Please be cautious while doing so.
3. Mix freeze dried powder and Ampoule
4. Shake evenly before doing so
5. Cover it with the cowl-shaped cap after removing the rubber cap
6. Press the front part of the cowl shaped cap to get a good amount before spreading it on your face

Recommended for:
Those whose skin has lost its oil-water balance
Those who have droopy and weak skin
Those who are searching for products to protect their skin

Take Note:
Safe and suitable for all skin types.
Be cautious of hand hurt while removing the aluminum sealing.
Be sure to mix freeze-dried powder and ampoule before using
After mixing freeze-dried powder and ampoule use up the ampoule within 10 days
The product contains spicule that may cause skin irritation.
When using or after usage, in case of any side effects like itching or red spots, stop using the product

List of Ingredients:
>> Polylactic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate

>> Water, Butylene Glycol, Niacinamide, 1, 2-Hexanediol Hydrolyzed Sponge. Lecithin, Sh-Oligopeptide-1, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Polysorbate 20, Sr-(Oligopeptide-91 Clostridium Botulinum Polypeptide-1), Adenosine, Propylene Glycol, HydroxyphenylPropamidobenzoic Acid, Clitoria Ternate Flower Extract, Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6

My skin glows after using it, does it not, CocoFam? ⁠

I have started to really understand how my skin gets affected when I go about my day. There are so many environmental stressors that affect it - pollution, the sun, the harsh wind, the constant state of being under a mask. Innumerable ones! ⁠

So when I came across the Sculltox PLLA Volume and Lifting Program and its various benefits, I just knew that I had to try it out for my skin too. And boy, was I glad! ⁠

It is made of 2 components -- one, freeze-dried block - which means, no preservatives and two, at-home BOTOX Ampoule! It made me so happy! We all do not want to add unnecessary chemicals to our skin 🤗⁠

🌟 Extremely nourishing for the skin⁠
🌟 Great at anti-aging care - helps our skin synthesize collagen! ⁠
🌟 Lifts our skin up
🌟 Great at making our skin more elastic and firm⁠
🌟 Helps in maintaining our skin's oil-water balance⁠
🌟 Helps with whitening care.⁠

What I also find magical is how beautiful it is when the 2 components are mixed! #ASMR 😍⁠

It makes me feel so refreshed, without any of the sticky feeling or greasy after-effects. My skin glows after using it, does it not, CocoFam? ⁠

This fine aesthetic care ingredient is something you would have been never able to find in any of Cocomo curates yet!

It's new, and does a super fine job at volumizing, lifting, brightening, smoothening, and moisturizing your skin!


Cocofam, you have been eating and applying collagen, here is your true companion to stimulate collagen in the epidermis -- the PLLA!

PLLA (Poly-L-lactic acid) helps rebuild collagen for a more youthful-looking appearance and this is the star ingredient in this Ampoule's formula and the goodness does not end there!

This formula is loaded with Botulinum Toxin - BOTOX - 5,000ppm of the age-defying ingredient, and Hyaluronic acid the famed moisture bomb!

Now, are you wondering why are we bringing in yet another anti-aging lifting skincare, Cocofam?

This ampoule has a unique blend of ingredients that acts in synergy to provide multiple benefits, and does not just stop at one function:

☑️ Anti-aging
☑️ Moisturizing
☑️ Adds volume
☑️ Lifts skin
☑️ Balance water-oil balance
☑️ Whitening care

Next up, this formula has its very unique microneedles in its formula for deeper absorption of active ingredients! Yes, that's right, this ampoule has SPICULES made of plant-derived ingredients that work similarly to small needles and deliver this special synergy of ingredients deep into your skin!

This Kit can be used on a daily basis for home aesthetic care and it has ZERO stickiness, with a nice moist finish that complements your skincare routine!

Rebuild the collagen strands with our SCULLTOX PLLA VOLUME & LIFTING PROGRAM, which gradually begins to help restore facial volume and the look of fullness to wrinkles and folds.

Agent 1 + 2 = ASMR

Cocofam, please be prepared to be blown over by the rich ingredient palate of our Sculltox PLLA Volume and Lifting Program!

⚡️ Agent 1: Hyalu PLLA Freeze-dried Block

☑️ PLLA (Poly-L-lactic acid) 50% - Collagen stimulator

☑️ Hyaluronic acid 50% - the moisture bomb

⚡️ Agent 2: Botulinum Toxin Synergy Ampoule

☑️ Botulinum toxin - BOTOX 5,000ppm

☑️ Liposome EGF - speed wound recovery

☑️ Spicules - plant-derived tingling microneedles for max penetration of potent active ingredients

☑️ Niacinamide - blemish remover

☑️ Adenosine - anti-aging care

Spicules a gentle micro-needling effect

Not a year goes by without the birth of a novel skincare ingredient or innovation. Skincare brands are always on the lookout for the next ingredient that has unexpected skincare benefits.

One of such inventions is spicules, a microscopic needle-like structure found in sponges. Spicules provide a gentle micro-needling effect, and are one of the key ingredients in Sculltox Botulinum Toxin Synergy Ampoule!

This research study suggests that spicules help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The study concluded that creams and ampoules containing spicules penetrate the skin deeper and deliver components better than creams that don’t contain spicules.

Spicules are said to not only have a gentle peeling effect, but also assist in the delivery of active ingredients deeper into the skin, help treat dark spots such as post-acne scars, and minimize the appearance of wrinkles by stimulating skin cell turnover. Some facial salons even claim that a spicule treatment can produce a noticeable tightening effect and visible reduction of sagging.

Why freeze-drying?

Freeze-drying is a low-temperature dehydration process, the ingredient is frozen, the pressure is lowered, and the moisture is removed. When the ingredient is brought back to room temperature, it remains completely dry.

❄️ Freeze-drying decreases the molecular weight of the ingredient. This means that you're essentially getting a lot more bang for your buck because the lower the molecular weight of any given product or ingredient, the deeper it can go into the skin.

❄️ Further, when ingredients are freeze-dried, they still retain their nutritional goodness!

❄️ In addition, when the water is removed from the formula, the active ingredients are often able to be there at higher concentrations, which can up the potency.

❄️ When the potency is upped, your skin is able to do more with the ingredients at hand.

❄️ And it could even be more gentle to the Earth. When water is present in a formula, that formula needs a preservative to keep it safe and keep it from becoming a petri dish. Freeze-dried ingredients typically don't need to be preserved, since less water means less chance that microbial life will thrive and contaminate the ingredient.

Agent 1: Hyalu PLLA Freeze-dried Block is freeze-dried and hence more potent, fresher, more effective, and will make you fall in love, all the more ♥️

Silky smooth glowing skin in just 2 uses

Officially, an ampoule is defined as a small, sealed glass jar that contains a liquid medicine of some sort. The name ampoule comes from the French word ampule, which refers not to the liquid but to the vial in which it is stored!

Ampoules are usually described as highly-concentrated liquid treatments designed to help address a specific skin concern.

Here’s our Cocomo’s newest member, Daycell Sculltox rightly named as the Volume & Lifting ‘Solution’ — that’s because you will start to see visible differences in your skin from your first use!

This #noninvasiveBOTOX targets multiple concerns at once! It

✨improves elasticity,
✨promotes collagen synthesis,
✨smoothes fine lines,
✨brightens skin,
✨hydrates & moisturizes deeply

The formula has

🤍 50% of Hyaluronic acid + 50% PLLA = freeze dried and stored in vacuum-sealed vials as Agent 1

🤍 5,000 ppm Botulinum Toxin + Liposome EGF + Spicule + Niacinamide + Adenosine = stored in gel-like form inside protective syringes as Agent 2

Silky smooth glowing skin in just 2 uses! I’m excited as to what this ampoule can do to my skin 🥰

Why is this product so unique that we are going gaga over it?

🖤Tested and approved by the P&K Skin Research Centre that has stringent measures for a cosmetic product to pass!

🖤It has Agent 1 filled only with 2 ingredients ⚡️ Agent 1: Hyalu PLLA Freeze-dried Block

🖤 It has Agent 2 that further compliments Agent 1 and penetrates deeper to deliver the actives into skin ⚡️ Agent 2: Botulinum Toxin Synergy Ampoule

🖤While mixing freeze-dried powder with synergy ampoule, the color of ampoule changes to opaque color, deeply supplies the skin with moisture, nutrition & elasticity

🖤Contains Niacinamide with the effect of whitening and Adenosine with the effect of improving wrinkles

🖤When applying, especially for the first time, a tingling sensation might be felt, which is due to the plant-derived needle-like substances called ‘Spicules’. These spicules along with Liposome EGF help deliver ALL the active ingredients deep into the skin by penetrating

🖤Gooey-textured ampoule that gives a moist and refreshing finish and NOT a sticky or greasy one!

🖤Packed in proper vacuum-sealed container (agent 1) and protective syringe (agent 2) to store the ingredients intact and deliver fresh, whenever opened.

🖤Preservatives-FREE, so mixed ampoule to be used within 10 days after mixing

P&K Skin Research Center Certification

P&K Skin Research Center Certificate guarantees the effect and credibility o the product - Sculltox PLLA Volume and Lifting Program!

P&K Skin Research Center is the only center in Korea to be built by dermatologists who have rich clinical experience in cosmetic & pharmaceutical products, with experienced medical experts who specialize in cosmetic & pharmaceutical raw material manufacturing and analysis techniques done in Korea.

To more amazing things about this reliable facility, do check out the swipes, it will give you a clear-cut idea before you cart out Sculltox PLLA Volume and Lifting Program!


Ampoules are an amazing invention in the skincare world - they are power-packed with formulated ingredients that help target your skin concerns. Our Sculltox PLLA Volume and Lifting Program has innumerable skin benefits - better collagen synthesis, maintains an oil-water balance of your skin, reduces acne scars, intensive moisturization of your skin, and anti-aging care - to name a few.⁠

So, how can you get the best of this Ampoule?⁠

⭐With a Sheet Mask: Sheet masks especially calming, soothing and hydrating ones come with pre-prepared liquid formulas that give your skin a lot of nourishment. Adding our Sculltox to it, allows your skin to get a double dosage of the beneficial goodness!⁠

⭐Use it as a Serum: This is one of the most common uses of an Ampoule! Some people will want to have a simple skincare routine - Sculltox provides great nourishment, brightens skin, and delivers anti-aging benefits in ONE!⁠

⭐Use it as a Super Serum: This is a simple concept, but one that might not be known to all of us. Using this botox ampoule before a serum helps increase the efficacy (basically, more directly in contact with your skin with all the fresh and potent ingredients delivered by the spicules!).⁠

⭐Use it to boost your moisturizer: For all those of you who are too lazy to do multiple steps in a skincare routine, this option is a helpful tip! This addition also helps increase the power of the moisturizer's formula⁠

⭐Add it to your foundation Mixing a few drops of this ampoule in your foundation helps ensure that your foundation doesn't get too cakey, dry, or peel off your skin as you go about your day⁠

⭐To set your makeup: After applying your makeup, add a few drops of Botox Ampoule to your skin. It can help finish off your makeup application and give you a natural glow! ⁠

⭐To recharge your skin: A great way to repair the damage caused to your skin with the daily stressors is to add our Sculltox to your daily routine, TWICE, as a BootCamp for your skin!⁠


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