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  • Soft & smooth Texture
  • Protects skin from various external harmful environments
  • Deliver rich nourishment & glides on smoothly when applied
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Huxley Anti-gravity Cream – eluding gravity has never been so easy

By combining resilient ingredients found in the depths of the Sahara desert with nourishing squalene and age-defying sodium hyaluronate, Huxley has created the ideal product for those desiring a youthful appearance.

A silky texture for a soft and luminous complexion

Made with a high concentration of Huxley’s signature organic Sahara cactus oil (51%), the Anti-gravity Cream will thoroughly strengthen your skin, leaving it more lifted and plumped than ever. Its light yet luxurious formulation is easily absorbed into the skin leaving no trace of any unpleasant residue.

Strengthen the natural protective barrier of your skin with a moisture layer

Enriched with a variety of nutritious botanical extracts and soothing butters and oils, this wonderful product is much more than just a simple step in your daily skincare ritual. Smooth away any roughness and brighten dull skin with Huxley’s Anti-gravity Cream and never worry again about pollutants and free radicals.

Give every single cell in your complexion a much-needed dose of vitamins and minerals with the help of a mixt bouquet in extract form (peony, sage, safflower, gardenia, silver birch, and Perilla) and let your complexion bathe in all the hydration sodium hyaluronate brings to the mix. Experience the soothing properties of prickly pear cactus oil and the moisturizing ones of Shea butter and never look back.

No irritants…no worries

Huxley understands the difficulty to find that perfect anti-aging product that is hypoallergenic. Thus, this cream’s lovely formula is made without any parabens, mineral oils, dyes and any other potentially harmful chemical components.

How to use

After thoroughly cleaning your complexion and prepping it with a hydrating toner followed by a serum, take a small amount of Huxley’s anti-gravity cream with a spatula. Warm the cream with your fingers and then gently pat it onto your face.


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