Huxley Cream ; More Than Moist



  • Protects sensitive & delicate skin
  • Recommended for all skin types regardless of age or gender
  • Fortifies skin’s natural barrier by forming smooth moisture layer to make skin healthy
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Huxley’s more than moist cream – cacti power in concentrated form

Huxley understands the difficulty in finding a face cream that is just right. While a gel texture will leave your complexion feeling papery dry in the morning and a heavier one, quite oily, this particular product will give you that desired dewiness without any unpleasant greasy residue.

Be bold … go Huxley and never look back

Made with a formula based on prickly pear, a plant able to survive the harsh conditions of the Saharan desert, the more than moist cream will instantly hydrate your skin, leaving it plumper and younger than ever.

Containing up to 400 times more vitamin E than the raved about olive oil, Saharan cactus oil will help revitalize, heal and deeply nourish your complexion after just a few uses. Lighter in weight than other oils, and better at absorbing moisture (up to 5 times more than argan), this resilient ingredient will quickly brighten your skin tone, leaving it clearer and softer than ever.

Also infused with shea butter, soybean extract, jojoba, white birch and tamarind, this product is a true anti-oxidant bomb. While shea butter will deeply nourish and protect your skin’s natural barrier, the alpha hydroxyl acids in tamarind will quickly and thoroughly remove any dead skin cells. Talk about a mild peeling. Your complexion will look lighter and smoother than ever, being able to better absorb all the magic nutrients in jojoba oil and white birch extracts.

Experience the anti-aging benefits of squalene and forget all about dry patches and fine lines. Waking up naturally beautiful and radiant has never been so easy!!!

How to use

After thoroughly cleaning, toning, and prepping your skin with serums, warm an appropriate amount of Huxley’s more than moist cream between your fingers. Gently pat the cream all over your face and wait for the magic.


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