Serendi Beauty is a STAR BRAND in Cocomo and all its products are genuinely loved by our Cocofam too! But one product that repeatedly won your hearts is the SPARKLING PACK! In fact, every time it goes up, our PROMO SALE, becomes a happy occasion for our customers and a huge success for us!

So, as soon as they UPGRADED the PACKAGING, we stocked them up to delight you! Don't worry it going to be the SAME PRE-LOVED FORMULA in BEST PACKAGING! Beautifully upgraded!

What's in the box?

  • REGULAR: (x3) sets of syringe and mask sheet
  • JUMBO: (x5) sets of syringe and mask sheet + (x5) Hydra Shot Ampoule 5ml each

Stay tuned to bag SERENDI BEAUTY SPARKLING PACK, launching this month @cocomo.65! After all, who can resist the SPARKLE!