Why people are falling into Korean Beauty Routine?

Glowing skin lovers are taken by storm by the Korean Beauty regime, simply because of the reason that it actually works up wonders on your skin and in no time. Natural ingredients accompanied with active elements, constant innovation through research and investigations are the revolutionizing tools of this regime that enable people to wear their best selves ever.

Korean products have mild formulations, free from harsh chemicals. Another significant allure that sets K-Beauty apart from others is its unique ingredients, from cactus oil, royal honey to bamboo extracts, this routine is super food for healthy and happy you.

This impeccable routine does not run out and is not only focused on skin care but it is meant for a complete body care from head to toe, delivering outstanding results with tremendous happy tales. Sheet masks, BB creams or cushion compacts have all originated from the Korean innovative skin regime and have become a regular component of every handbag.

Unlike western beauty’s multi-function mantra, K-Beauty does not enlist few products to go through but it is a beauty wardrobe, specified for each season of the year.

The central idea of this most-loved regime is that people should take time out for themselves every day and pamper themselves. They soak themselves into the exotic smells and fragrances of these rekindling Korean products, which they truly deserve. This me-time is essential for caring for not only your skin needs but your neglected spirit to rejuvenate itself before and after facing this hurting world.

The skincare regime kicks off with a double cleansing when the day ends. Oil based cleanser is used to remove all the makeup and impurities, clogging the pores, followed by a water based cleanser to remove any leftovers on the skin.

It must be followed by an exfoliator, twice a week to gently eradicate dead cells. This is critical, as dead cells block away pores, preventing absorption of formulations and causing dull skin.

Toner is applied to balance the pH levels of the skin after acidic cleansers. The use of essence lies at the heart of K-beauty method, as it soothes out the thirsty skin cells with hydration that gets worn out daily.

Skin moisturization is non-negotiable and imperative for even oily skin. Korean essences are infused with earth occurring elements and gives back radiance and suppleness back to the skin. Unlike common moisturizers, these water-based essences go a long way and provide all the essential nutrition that a flawless and ageless skin needs.

In case of additional protection, ampules and serum treatments must be applied. These treatments form a shield on the skin, without any greasiness and oiliness, catering to your exclusive requirement depending upon your selection.

People round the globe cannot get enough of Korean Sheet masks, catering to a wide gamut of issues and concerns, from deep hydration to wrinkle reduction, applied twice or thrice a week. These face masks are formulated to penetrate deep within your skin layers and bring out plump, spotless and glowing skin altogether.

Furthermore, an eye cream can be applied to care specially for fine lines and dark circles. The routine ends with moisturizer and in case of morning it must have SPF for protection against the harmful sun rays.

Just a nudge to your busy lifestyle and win back your dewy skin tone with K-Beauty routine. Believe us; you would not regret a single second spent!

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