White Truffle Serum

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  • It gives silky smooth skin
  • It gives a glowing and radiant skin
  • It sparks new life in your skin and makes it happy
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Neogen Dermatology
White Truffle Serum in Oil Drop


Do you hide your flaky and dull face behind oversized hats, glares or hair?

Are you a usual victim of buying skincare products, entirely based on hearsays and gossips?

Don’t fall prey to unjustified skincare regimes that break your heart every day as soon as you pop your face in front of your mirror.

Start an everlasting love affair with your skin all over again by using a nourishing and calming 1-step skincare method that sparks new life into your skin and makes it feel happy and on-the-go to face this world anytime.

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Neogen Dermatology
White Truffle Serum in Oil Drop

Switch to Neogen Dermatology White Truffle Serum in Oil Drop for feeding your thirsty skin cells with potent and nutrition from deep within like never before.

Due to changing weather conditions and external radicals, our skin is continuously robbed off from moisture, making it dry and dull. This is condition is a pre-cursor to the appearance of fine lines and creases, a dreading situation that every person fears and hates. But thanks to impeccable products like Neogen Dermatology White Truffle Serum in Oil Drop, we can resolve our problems in just one go and win back our smooth and supple skin that we once owned with pride.

It is designed with complete investigations from every end. Using Micro fluid dispersion technology, molecules of this potion are designed to seep deep within multiple skin layers, allowing its users to gain maximum benefit out from it without wasting anything. Moreover, it is light weight and sits on your skin without any greasiness. After its application, you would instantly feel smooth and agile texture, with a glowing effect.

What makes Neogen Dermatology White Truffle Serum in Oil Drop stand out from the rest is its enriching blend of its superstar ingredient, White Truffle Extract that has been winning hearts of its users, backed by sound and in-depth scientific evidence. US National Library of Medicine has investigated it to be of immense benefits for skin revitalization as it feeds up nutrition to the deepest cells of the skin and restricts the appearance of wrinkles, as it is powered up by essential fatty acids.

It is made of 70 percent of water, accompanied with minerals such as calcium, potassium or magnesium and vitamin boosters that have a fulfilling effect to the skin. This sparkling diamond for the skin is easily absorbed by the skin cells. White Truffle Extract also works up naturally to combat two-toned skin and pigmentation. A perfect rescuer!

Meanwhile, White Truffle Extract is not alone but complemented by macadamia seed oil, enriched with fatty acids, your skin can never have enough of this nutty oil. Its non-sticky feel and empathy with skin, makes it a blissful and balanced delight for hydration and recovery of cell structure, as claimed in several research studies available on Dermatology Times. Its plentiful omega 3 fatty acids produce an anti-inflammatory impact, divine for sensitive skin.

A vital research in South African Journal of Botany revealed the harmonious treasures of baobab tree seed oil that has been utilized since many centuries in the African continent. It confirmed that this essential oil tightens and tones the skin’s complexion with methodical moisturizing and regenerating capabilities that enables the skin to withstand in the most severe conditions, like in a desert.

Neogen Dermatology White Truffle Serum in Oil Drop has expertly also combined beloved Hyaluronic Acid, which is a jelly like substance already found in our body for the running overall vitality of the skin cell structure.However, with the passage of time, its number dwindles and we need to outsource its quantities. A study in Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, Hyaluronic Acid was reportedly found to accelerate the skin plumpness and long lasting hydration. Its usage allows the results to be similar to BOTOX, but free from any kind of pains of injections and side-effects. Completely natural!

Last but certainly not the least, this banquet of blossoming gems also entails Niacinamide, which could be simply stated as vitamin B3. It works up a protective layer against all the foes causingunwelcomed photo-aging, as suggested by a clinical study by the Proctor & Gamble. It fights blemishes, redness and hyperpigmentation with a brightening effect efficacy.

Manufacturers of Neogen Dermatology White Truffle Serum in Oil Drop have proficiently designed the product, making it far easier to use. Just pump and dispense few drops of the serum on your fingertips and apply onto your skin in soft circular motion, once or twice a day and you are done with the complete protection of your face.

Don’t lag behind and treat yourself with this divine and results oriented product that your skin has been craving for a long time.

Flaunt a gorgeous skin and speaks for it – all naturally!




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