WHAMISA Sea Kelp Mask (1PCS)

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❤ Whamisa Sea Kelp Mask – the next generation mask that truly delivers❤

An innovation in the art of skincare, formulated with 100% real sea kelp, Whamisa’s Sea Kelp Mask is a highly-hydrating and nutritious product you will never want to remove from your skin…a true anti-aging cocktail.

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A good sheet mask is the perfect solution when it comes to a mess-free home pampering. Going one step further, Whamisa has created the ideal, 90.37 % certified organic, nutrient-packed sheet to help you achieve a clear, healthy, glowing skin.

Free of mineral oils, silicones and any chemical components, this sheet mask is ideal for all skin types, even highly-sensitive ones

Miles ahead from the average cotton sheet, this skincare Holy Grail is entirely made from sea kelp, a genius delivery system that is as beneficial to the skin as the fluid it was infused in.  Created with extra care, each individual sheet has been soaked in a bottle of bamboo serum and fermented sea kelp, providing a boost of nutrition to your parched complexion.

Coming in two pieces that perfectly fit together, this particular mask easily adheres to the surface of your skin, allowing all the micronutrients to readily absorb into it.

A micronutrient cocktail you never knew you needed

Following the Whamisa belief that when it comes to good skincare, less is not more, the ingredients list has been packed to the brim with pure botanical extracts and soothing, plant oils. Thanks to the natural, double fermentation extraction process, all ferment-filtrates are as nutrient-dense and potent as they can be, providing you with an extra boost of moisture, amino acids and vitamins.

Healing aloe beautifully pairs with anti-aging wild yam and anti-inflammatory oats to gift you with a radiant, clear complexion. The variety of flowers and root extracts complement each other beautifully, providing your starved complexion with everything it needs to naturally repair its barrier.

Clinically tested for brightening, anti-aging and smoothing, Whamisa’s Sea Kelp Mask truly delivers, granting you a whole 72-hour hydration.


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