WHAMISA Organic Flowers Water Cream


Whamisa Organic Flower Water Cream with Natto 💞Taking skin protection to the next level💝 🌷

Made following an all-natural formula, with over 95% certified organic ingredients, Whamisa’s Organic Flower Water Cream with Natto will both deeply nourish and boost the moisture level of your skin. Being radiant was never so easy!

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A true cult favorite, Whamisa’s Organic Flower Water Cream with Natto is so much more than just an average moisturizer. Though lightweight and easily absorbed, this water cream is packed to the brim with botanically-derived micronutrients.

By using an innovative double fermentation process, and skipping on using chemicals as stabilizers, Whamisa has ensured that all ingredients are at their maximum potency level, working wonders even for those with highly-sensitive skins.

Powerful components – the key to a rejuvenated complexion

The unique formula replaces simple, purified water with active rice and aloe extracts for a boost in hydration. And where rice acts as a skin lightener, aloe comes in with its amazing anti-inflammatory capacity and healing hormones (Auxin and Gibberellins), prepping your complexion to better absorb all the vitamins and minerals in the flower filtrate bouquet.

Here, chrysanthemum perfectly combines with Indian lotus, dandelion, peony and Chinese skullcap, all working towards detoxifying, soothing and healing your skin. And because Whamisa believes less is never more when it comes to good skincare, this cream was infused with a handful of nourishing, non–comedogenic oils and butters – carrot, olive, grape, bergamot, lavender, lime, shea and rosewood.  With so many sources of good fatty acids, your skin will feel softer and look healthier in no time.

Last, but not least comes dreaded natto. While not as palatable as a dish, it has been praised for centuries for its numerous health benefits. A bit of an odd addition when compared to all the heavenly flowers, natto is a true sport in enhancing hyaluronic acid performances, training your cells to retain more moisture. No Botox…no worries!!!

Enrich your skin with everything it needs with the help of Whamisa’s water cream and become a younger, more radiant you!!!

Whamisa Organic Flower Water Cream  no chemicals, no synthetic components


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