Huxley Oil ; Light and More



  • Lightweight
  • Fast absorbing
  • Provides moisturizing & softening effects
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Huxley’s light and more oil – the key to a more youthful you

Non-comedogenic and full of beneficial properties, face oils are no longer something to be scared about. Those who haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon will do so when they discover Huxley’s light and more oil. This particular product melts into the skin so easily that it appears almost dry. No unpleasant greasy finish here…

Discover the resilient power of Saharan cactus… because olive and argan are so last season

By combining prickly pear seed oil with sunflower seed, jojoba and Abyssinian kale oils, Huxley has managed to create the perfect blend of moisture, nutrition and hydration.

Deeply penetrating your skin even at the first usage, these concentrated magic drops in a bottle will make you forget all about flaky, scaly, grayish skin. Also added to the mix is squalene, a powerful emollient and fine line combatant, highly efficient, even for those with extra mature skin.

Go Huxley, let your complexion absorb all the beneficial antioxidants and watch in wonder as it becomes lighter, suppler, and plumper than ever. Why go to an esthetician when you can enjoy a luxurious pampering experience right in your own home?!

How to use

After double cleansing your face, exfoliating, and thoroughly prepping it with a toner and the essence or serum du jour, take two, three drops of Huxley’s light and more oil. Briefly warm it with your fingers and then gently pat it all over your complexion.

Pro tip

If you do not have the time to follow a lengthy skincare routine, you can always put some drops of this magic, lightweight oil in your daily moisturizer, for an extra boost of hydration.  It also works wonders for your luscious locks or mixed into foundation for that dewy, sought-after look.


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