Make P:rem In Shower Mask

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Indeed time is always running away, make the best use of it with MAKE P:rem In Shower Mask that seals up moisture and sustains your skin to endure all day. Replenish on this skin invigorating mask that make your skin happy and pleased.

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No matter how hard we try, we are always running late. People need products that take care of them, on the go. Thumbs up to MAKE P:rem In Shower Mask, a multi-purpose and huge time saver that takes care of our treasured skin big time.

This non-dripping and non-moving mask, adheres to your skin while showering. With the power of shower heat and moisture, it penetrates deep down your skin layers to result maximum benefits. At the end of your shower, your skin is all-ready and powered-on to face the challenges of the new day.

When the going is fast, choose something sprints for action.

All this is made possible by divine botanicals in MAKE P:rem In Shower Mask.

Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, Argan Oil and Shea Butter are indeed incredible for your parched skin; they not only hydrate but nourish skin to its best. A nutrient, vitamins and minerals booster, Algae Extract is revered for its celebrated benefits for the skin. In no time, this natural derived compound firms up skin, making it smooth and bouncy. Additionally, it also aids in maintaining a healthy clear complexion.

Carrying tremendous accreditations, False Daisy Leaf Extract is considered divine for fighting infections, acne and any sort of pigmentation, due to its strong antimicrobial properties. Nothing can pull out debris from pores like Castor Oil, on the other hand it locks moisture and treat mild acne.

MAKE P:rem In Shower Mask has masterly infused Fig Fruit Extract, bursting with antioxidants and many more to remarkably prevent wrinkles but also cut down the depth of currently present wrinkles to reveal a soft and supple skin. It teams up with Hyaluronic Acid for triggering collagen production and reversing the age clock.

Nudge your skin to a lusty luster, bounciness and wellbeing with all the berries you can ask for, MAKE P:rem In Shower Mask has Blackberry, Blueberry, Strawberry and Raspberry Fruit Extracts. Loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and energy, these berries hydrates, protects and nourish skin.

Incredibly unbelievable, MAKE P:rem In Shower Mask for a well-prepped you.

Make P:rem In Shower Face Pack

What is the Make P:rem face pack?

While a hot shower can do wonders for your mental state, yes, your hygiene too, it can also leave the sensitive skin on your face feeling extremely dry and looking somewhat like Rudolph’s nose at Christmas.




Being tired is no excuse for having dull skin!
With Make P:rem you can have it reach the smooth,
dewy perfection you desire in just 15-20 minutes.
Multi-tasking is the new normal.



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