Make P:rem UV Defense Me

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MAKE P:REM UV Defense Me- Your new confidant shade

Sun steals away your skin’s moisture, making it dry and drained out like a thirsty dessert, make a smart choice of using MAKE P:REM UV Defense Me. This inimitable formula protects and nourishes without someone noticing that it’s even there. For a soft and dewy glow!


A new ray of hope for all the disheartened millennial out there is the MAKE P:REM UV Defense Me range of heartfelt products that leave your skin soft and dewy all day long.

Don’t be scared of sun now, face it with confidence as MAKE P:REM UV Defense Me is accompanying you.

You might have heard about UVB and UVA rays, but usually IR rays are completely ignored that enormously triggers emergence of fine lines and dark spots. MAKE P:REM UV Defense Me has not missed out and has introduced products that combat such harsh conditions.

MAKE P:REM UV Defense Me breaks down into your skin for a smooth and luscious matte finish without any unwanted white cast.

MAKE P:REM UV Defense Me has two product lines, the orange and blue. The only major difference between the two lines is the fact that the blue line is more suitable for people who are exposed to heat emitting devices including the sun as it involves cooling effect on the skin. 

The blue line includes Blu Ray Sun Cream, Blu Ray Sun Fluid and Blu Ray Sun Gel, which can be applied before makeup depending upon skin types and personal likings. All the three leave a calming and tingling sensation. Apart for preventing sun damage, they lock in hydration with a evident kick of antioxidants and vitamins from Nordic Berries.

Blu Ray Sun Cream could be easily spread with its thick velvety texture for a complete coverage. On the other hand, Blu Ray Sun Fluid has slippery feel, perfect for face and whole body application.  Lastly, Blu Ray Sun Gel is a featherweight formula which all makeup mavens would love as a primer.

MAKE P:REM UV Defense Me has masterly put together its Orange line as well, Capsule Sun Gel and Natural Sun Cream.  They not only formulate a protective sun barrier, but hydrate and nourish skin due to the presence of several botanicals like Sea Buckthorn Extract, Sunflower Extract and others.


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