Whamisa Organic Hydro Gel Mask


❤️ Whamisa Organic Hydrogel Masks ❤️The fuss-free way to a more radiant you❤️

Soaked in skin-plumping, rejuvenating ingredients, Whamisa’s organic hydrogel masks will deliver a dose of much-needed nutrition and hydration. Made with nature’s best botanicals and free of harmful chemicals, these masks will leave your complexion soft, glowing and naturally beautiful.

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True darlings of home pampering, sheet masks work wonders in improving your skin’s condition after just a few minutes. Soaked in effective ingredients that will leave your complexion softer, deeply hydrated and more awake than ever, they are a must in every modern woman’s beauty routine.

And because Whamisa understands the basics of good skincare better than anyone, it has managed to create 3 hypoallergenic hydrogel masks that will instantly soothe and rejuvenate your skin. Miles apart from others its kind, the Whamisa hydrogel mask will easily mold to your face thanks to its innovative jelly-like consistency, becoming the perfect delivery system for active extracts.

A luxurious version for every skin type

Formulated with carefully chosen botanical ingredients whose potency has been preserved by a natural Lactobacillus fermentation process, each hydrogel mask will infuse your skin cells with a dose of much-needed nutrition. Embark on a complexion transforming journey with the Organic Seed and Rice Fermented Facial Mask and reap all the anti-aging, soothing and lifting benefits of barley and soybean.

The Organic Flowers and Aloe Vera version is the perfect pick for those in need of something lighter and more floral.  Made with lifting, moisturizing and whitening in mind, this option will delight your senses with a flower bouquet in concentrated extract form.

Much more energizing than its counterparts, the Organic Fruit and Tomato hydrogel mask will instantly tone and revitalize your complexion, no matter how dull. Made with key elements like raspberry, kiwi and apple, this particular formulation will deliver key antioxidants to every cell in your depleted skin.

Whether you choose the organic seed and rice, the fruits and tomato, or the flowers and aloe, your complexion will feel plumper and look more radiant than ever.


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