WHAMISA Organic Flowers Eye Essence


WHAMISA Organic Flowers Eye Essence – 💝For a twinkling inaugural to the world🤩

Your perfect aid for a flawless eye area, WHAMISA Organic Flowers Eye Essence is packed with all the energy and nutrition to combat all problems, in just one go. Goodbye dark circles, puffiness or wrinkles, go bite the dust.

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Excite with the grasping energy of WHAMISA Organic Flowers Eye Essence that turns up vitality around your eyes for a brightened and fresh look. It does not go for a quick fix but take the action to treat the root cause.

This smooth essence is fermented to naturally preserve the contents of flowers, seeds and other botanical extracts. Fermentation also allows its molecules to be small enough to be easily sucked by your skin, without any traces.

WHAMISA Organic Flowers Eye Essence is an ultimate dark circle, fine lines and puffiness rescuer with the aid of its enchanting ingredients.

Turn up the heat with your flawless eyes, kudos to WHAMISA Organic Flowers Eye Essence.

For a charming skin

Revered for being feather light but extremely potent, Argan Oil in WHAMISA Organic Flowers Eye Essence works up wonders for you. Enriched in all- natural fatty acids and vitamin E, Argan Oil softens and firms up your skin, accelerating its elasticity.  Your eye area appears to be fuller and nourished.

As it checks all the boxes for an all-round skincare, Aloe Leaf Extract is infused confidently in WHAMISA Organic Flowers Eye Essence. Being a perfect hydration booster, Aloe Leaf Extract regenerates skin cells by repairing them. Additionally, it forms a protective layer against sunburns and external buggers.

For a natural barrier

Understanding its unique composition, Murumuru Seed Butter is pervaded as it harmoniously resurfaces your skin texture by forming up a protective shield against any moisture loss.

In order to make your eye skin area blossom, Lotus Filtrate is blended, bursting with antioxidants, it is a miraculous support for flaky skin. It conditions your skin anew, keeping away wrinkles and acne far away. Followed by Tea Leaf Extract, carrying everlasting soothing effects, it is an out-and-out anti-inflammatory agent against cuts or wounds.

For a revitalized appearance

Licorice Root Extract is picked up for its tremendous brightening effect on skin, by thoroughly improving any discoloration around eyes and age spots, as it loaded with glabridin.

Eye cream for others, WHAMISA Organic Flowers Eye Essence is your game-changer.




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