Huxley Toner Extract It



  • Provide you with a rich texture
  • Maintains the skin’s PH balance
  • Makes your skin clear & moisturized
  • It is formulated with more than 90% naturally derived ingredients including cactus extract
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Engulf your senses in the heavenly scent of grass after a gentle rain and give your skin a much-needed dose of pampering

Even if you use a mild, high-quality cleanser, your complexion will still lose some essential components that need to be replenished otherwise. This is the moment where a truly amazing toner can shine, replenishing and nourishing every single cell in your skin.

With that in mind, and using the latest scientific innovation, Huxley has managed to create the holy grail of toners. Made with a special formula based on 90% naturally derived ingredients, this little product will deeply hydrate your skin while also balancing its pH. Making this toner a bit acidic, Huxley ensured that it will take your skin to the ideal pH level, namely that of a newborn baby (5.5).

Slightly more viscous than other product its kind, and free of any alcohol, this toner will easily absorb into the skin, leaving it smooth, clear and deeply soothed. Experience the incredible benefits of precious ingredients like Saharan prickly pear seed oil, Rosa Centifolia, and Crape Myrtle extract and invent a newer, younger version of you.

Discover the anti-aging effects resilient cacti, containing up to 400 times more vitamin E than the raved about olive oil, and never look back!!!

Who it’s meant for

Both ultra-mild and hypoallergenic (no parabens and harsh chemicals here), Huxley’s extract it toner is the ideal pick-me-up for all skin types. Suffering from highly sensitive skin…no problem!!!

How to use

After cleansing your complexion, apply an appropriate amount of Huxley’s extract it toner onto your hands. Using gentle movements, pat and press the product into your skin. For best results, follow up with a serum or essence and a moisturizer. Incorporate the serum in both your morning and evening routines for optimal benefits.


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