HUXLEY Tone Up Cream; Stay Sun Safe SPF 50



HUXLEY Tone Up Cream; Stay Sun Safe SPF 50

A sought-after skincare regime that does not go for quick fixes but eliminates problems from their root causes, HUXLEY is the most wanted name in today’s beauty market. It stands strong with the use of most-liked ingredients, Cactus Seed Oil and Prickly Pear Seed Oil, meticulously extracted and preserved to restore your skin to its ultimate level, without the use of moisture-stealing chemicals and dyes.

An all-rounder skin treatment that protects and nourishes for an admiring dewy glow that people would die for, HUXLEY Tone Up Cream; Stay Sun Safe gains all the ace points. It comes in an easy-to-handle packaging that allows convenience at its best. This cream has infused small pigment filled fragments that effortlessly work as natural tone correctors.

Can’t believe your luck? But every promise made by HUXLEY Tone Up Cream; Stay Sun Safe SPF 50 is true by all means.

Charged up by harmonious botanicals for antioxidants and vitamins, HUXLEY Tone Up Cream; Stay Sun Safe is complimented by Defensil and Sepicalm. Together, they work to calm down your skin due to heat acquaintance, build a natural skin barrier and reduce melanin production. You remain protected against cruel UV sun rays for more than eight hours of intense sun exposure. Niacinamide is also blended for an everlasting brightening effect and what you get is a flawless, ultra smooth and youthful even-toned skin, with just one cream.

For an absolute coverage under sun and tinted natural complexion, lay your hands on HUXLEY Tone Up Cream; Stay Sun Safe.

How to use

After using cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer, as a last step of your daily skincare in the morning, apply a small quantity on your face and massage it gently until absorbed. Follow up with makeup or daily skincare.


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