HUXLEY Oil Essence



HUXLEY Oil Essence

Known to be the leading game-changer, HUXLEY is a skincare regime that you can trust blindly with its incredible organic ingredients that would put everything else to shame. Good skin does not come easy but by smart decisions. Be a pro, rely on HUXLEY.

In today’s buzzy life, you and your skin bear a lot. From pollution, stress and under nutrition, your skin loses its vitality quickly. Reverting back to its youthful tint and suppleness can be a long and unsatisfactory journey.

Cut that short and select HUXLEY Oil Essence, made with heart and hard work.

Putting oil on face makes it sticky and duller. Get the best of everything by relying on HUXLEY Oil Essence. Being the midpoint of oil and essence, HUXLEY Oil Essence invigorates your skin to a new life. This light-weight formula blends into your skin in no time, without any greasiness or residue. Hydrates and restores natural balance of your skin.

Flaunt an irresistible skin all day and every day with your skin bursting with radiance and energy.

This enriching formula is powered by Cactus Seed Oil with a whole bunch of antioxidants and vitamins to nourish your skin cells from the deepest layers. Complimented with Quinoa, HUXLEY Oil Essence feeds up your skin gets with minerals and vitamin B12, for sparking shine and strength. Not only this, Yerba Mate Leaf and Acai Berry are also infused for empowering your skin’s defense and detoxifying the bad guys away. A combined boost for keeping aging far away from your life, your choice should be HUXLEY Oil Essence.

Bring back your glowing charm with HUXLEY Oil Essence.

How to use

Take few drops onto your hands and massage it gently onto your skin until absorbed, after using cleansing and toning your face. Next is to use routine your moisturizer or other skincare.


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