Huxley Mask Oil and Extract (3 MASKS)


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Huxley’s mask oil and extract (3 pcs) – take pampering to the next level

Masks are the ultimate form of home pampering and Huxley has managed to create the ideal product that combines brightening with hydration and a thorough nutrition. The sheet mask itself is made with utter care using an ultra-fine, tightly-woven microfiber that will seal in all the magic components on the surface of your skin.

Based on Huxley’s favorite resilient ingredients, Sahara Cactus extract and Prickly Pear seed oil, this product will provide you with an utterly indulgent experience.

Also infused with Coptis Japonica (a science-proven anti-aging holy grail) extract, this mask is a true antioxidant bomb that will transform your skin into a glowing and younger version of itself. Let your complexion soak up the moisture and nutrients of Achiote (the South American sensitive skin go-to remedy), calming sunflower and soybean oils and experience healing properties of malachite, the darling of ancient Egyptians.

As Huxley has a deep knowledge of proper skincare, this mask was ingeniously created with a dual compartment, separating the essence from the oil phase, thus allowing it to stay fresh and effective for longer.  If this makes you happy, you will be more so to find out that this mask doesn’t come alone but in a pack with 2 others, allowing you to enjoy the maximum level of pampering.

How to use

Use after thoroughly cleansing and toning your complexion. Before you start opening the mask pack, fold the smaller bottom pouch three times. Push until you hear a pop so the essence and oil can combine. Gently pat the pouch to ensure both phases can perfectly mix together. Now, apply the sheet mask and leave it for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. After the time has passed, remove the mask and gently pat the remaining fluid onto your complexion.



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