HUXLEY Hydration Trio Set



HUXLEY Hydration Trio Set

Fall in love with HUXLEY Hydration Trio Set with your first use. Derived from naturally occurring ingredients, HUXLEY Hydration Trio Set is well equipped to strengthen your skin from deep within to combat harsh environmental stressors. Its all-rounder ingredient Cactus Seed Oil is delicately blended to curate your skin to its best texture and comfort.

HUXLEY, the name you can trust for a moisturized and well-fed skin.

Unlike other harsh toners, HUXLEY Extract It Toner leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished. It maintains a natural pH balance of your skin, sucking up dirt from clogged pores, without stealing any moisture due to its comforting 90 percent botanical extracts, even suitable for sensitive skins.

How to use

Take small quantity onto your hands after thoroughly cleansing your face and gently apply and pat dry. Follow up with routine serum and moisturizer.

A breadth of uplifting energy, HUXLEY Essence Grab Water, revitalizes your skin with its power punch of vitamins and antioxidants all from organic resources. This watery formula is quickly absorbs into skin, locking up moisture and supplying all kinds of nutrition, where it is well needed, all day long.

How to use

Dispense small quantities of it on your hands, after cleansing and toning your face and apply onto your skin in gentle circular motion, until dry. Follow up with regular skincare routine.

An ultimate cushion of care and moisture is HUXLEY Fresh and More Cream that melts onto your skin with a matte dewy finish. It sustains and soothes out skin surface, filling up crevices due to its ultra-rich concentrated antioxidants and vitamins blend from Cactus Seed Oil and Grapefruit Extracts.

How to use

Take small amount onto your fingers and massage it gently onto skin, after cleansing, toning and serum application.

An experience of sheer delight and satisfaction!


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