Huxley Grab Water Essence



Huxley Grab Water Essence – resilient ingredients for a pollution-resilient complexion

Huxley’s Grab Water Essence, with its watery gel texture, is easily absorbed and, staying true to its name, really does grab all water molecules. Made with a special formulation successfully incorporating 85% majestic Sahara Cactus Extract this product is truly the Holy Grail of hydration.

Also enriched with a variety of antioxidant-filled botanical extracts, the Grab Water Essence will protect your skin from any environmental stress, leaving you looking and feeling more youthful and radiant than ever.

Quench the thirst of your skin with the help of Japanese white birch (anti-acne and anti-inflammatory), bamboo (excellent moisturizer and skin healer), Yerba Mate (a vitamin and mineral powerhouse), Japanese apricot (a natural detoxifier), acai (high levels of essential omegas and vitamins), Camu Camu (the new skin brightener), quinoa (a free-radical neutralizer) and more and you will be hooked.

Also enriched with plumping sodium hyaluronate, nourishing glycerin and ceramide 3, Huxley’s Grab Water Essence will leave your complexion looking firm, smooth and luminous again. Delight your senses with the divine Huxley scent and let the delicious botanical extracts work their magic.

Who is it for?

Huxley’s Grab Water Essence is the ideal product for those prone to dry skin as it offers a maximum level of hydration. Those with either oily or combination complexions will also fall in love with this product due to its matte finish.

How to use

On a clean and toned complexion apply an appropriate amount of Huxley’s Grab Water Essence all over your complexion. Be sure to follow with the rest of your daily skincare routine.

Pro tip

Help the essence better absorb into the skin using soft patting motions instead of rubbing. This is immensely more beneficial for sensitive skin as it allows it to absorb more product. Why have your hands compete with your face?!


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