HUXLEY Goodnight Sleep Mask


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HUXLEY Good Night Sleep Mask

Renowned for its hearty use of natural occurring botanicals, HUXLEY skincare regime is hard to resist. It has an active mission to restore skin to its optimal levels without any use of harsh chemicals whatsoever, from synthetic dyes and fragrances to parabens. Delicately extracted and preserved, Prickly Pear Cactus Extract contains the whole bunch of antioxidants and linoleic acid; it penetrates deeply without any residue. HUXLEY is a blessing for any sensitive-skin girl, who feels left out. Now, you can use this incredible skincare routine and let go your fears, once and for all.

Adios dull skin; you would not be missed at all!

HUXLEY Good Night Sleep Mask is a leave-it-on mask for your skin to absorb all the good nutrients during the night. This multi-action formula locks moisture, calms down irritated skin, reinstates your skin with all the nourishment that it craves for.

Today, tomorrow and every day of your life, when you need extra care, HUXLEY Good Night Sleep Mask works while you are in sleep.

It preps your skin with good quantities of moisture, to bear tough temperatures during the day, with the revitalized power of Saharan dessert’s biggest secret. Accompanied with the collagen restoring agents, Hyaluronic Acid and Centella Asiatic Extract that keep appearance of fine lines at a far distant, nowhere to be seen.

In the mornings, you would be swept off your feet with a glowing, gorgeous and smooth skin that is all-ready to face the world without any anxiety.

How to use

As the last stage of your daily night routine, apply generous amount of the mask, covering up the entire face, except close to eyes. Leave it on for the whole night and be ready to be happily surprised in the morning. You can utilize this mask as a substitute for moisturizer.


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