Huxely Cream ; Fresh and More



  • Natural moisturizing factor
  • Gives a fresh feel not greasy or sticky
  • Refreshing & hydrating gel cream that forms a smooth protective barrier



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HUXLEY Fresh and More Cream

What sets up HUXLEY apart is its exceptional quality and trust bearing over the years. This skin transforming routine brings about miraculous changes of revitalized energy in your face and in your life. Win back your gorgeous skin, once and for all with HUXLEY that would never let you down.

HUXLEY puts all the other beauty giants to shame with its revolutionary and caring ingredients.

Your skin feels left out during summers, after losing its precious moisture daily due to excessive heat, UV rays and air conditioning. As a result, you feel stiffness, dryness and what not. Don’t worry and shake hands with the most revered rescuer, HUXLEY Fresh and More Cream.

This calming gel-like formula melts into your skin to work up magic for your patchy and dull skin, without any fear of residue. Built with all natural ingredients, this cream comprises of Prickly Pear Seed Oil. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants and linoleic acid, it gets sucked up in just a flash to revitalize skin cell from deep within. It provides nutrition and hydration, where it is most wanted.

This marvelous potion has also blended Hyaluronic Acid that escalates moisture retention capacity of skin with the added advantage of increasing production of collagen to return back your youthful charm. HUXLEY Fresh and More Cream is infused with natural-occurring Birch Sap for locking up long lasting hydration during the day.

Tune into HUXLEY Fresh and More Cream for an overall renewed coverage during the daytime!

This is it, your wait is over!

How to use

For the best results, apply this day cream after adequate cleansing and toning. Take some amount in your hands and massage it onto your face in gradual circular movements, until dry. Follow up with regular skincare or makeup for a confident feeling all day long.



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