Whamisa Foam Cleansing Cream

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  • Deep cleanses skin
  • Never be dry again
  • Effectively removes impurities
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Product Description:
Whamisa Organic Flowers Creamy Foam Cleanser is a sodium lauryl/ laureth sulfate-free botanical foam cleanser that gently yet effectively removes impurities and deep cleanses skin, leaving it cleansed and balanced.

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Organic Flower Ferment Cleansing Cream – deep foam cleansing made enjoyable

A clean canvas is the best way to achieve a perfect painting. At least that is what they say about makeup. And it is true…no matter how many steps you follow in your skincare routine, one thing is sure…you should always start and end your day with a good cleansing of your complexion.

The good and the bad…

Foam cleansers are a great, fuss-free way to get rid of any impurity and even makeup, but they can also dry out your skin, making you look even more tired and grayish than before. While everyone’s skin type is different and might react in a distinct manner to certain products, some chemicals typically used in foam cleansers are not particularly good for anyone.

Why is Whamisa’s Organic Flower Ferment Cleansing Cream different?

First of all, every single ingredient is natural – no parabens, synthetic dyes, mineral oils or other chemicals here. This cleansing foam is also 87.3% certified organic and does not contain anything that does not serve a specific purpose.

The natural fermentation process used for extracting the active compounds in botanical ingredients ensures not a single nutrient is damaged. With every active compound being divided into very small particles, the Organic Flower Ferment Cleansing Cream from Whamisa will thoroughly, yet gently clean out any impurities present in your pores and on the surface of your skin.

With this cleansing foam, your skin will look plumper and never be dry again. While not containing even a drop of added purified water, it still manages to offer the optimum level of hydration your complexion so desperately needs. How? This moisture is provided by a balanced formula packed with aloe-derived botanical water.

Simple, yet very effective…

A powerhouse of super ingredients

Aloe does much more than just help hydrate your dry, flaky skin. Thanks to its soothing properties, this plant of eternal youth and immortality (at least according to ancient Egyptians), will instantly alleviate any potential irritation or eczema. The only redness on your skin will be from extreme rubbing – not that this is recommended…

Rice water has been used for centuries as a toner in Asian countries, being a well-guarded secret of Geishas and Gisaeng. Listed as the second ingredient on the list, rice extract (rice water’s much more concentrated sibling) will work wonders towards healing acne, minimizing the appearance of your pores and even help tighten your skin. Who needs Botox after all?!

Coming in as no surprise are the Lactobacillus-derived flower extracts, from chrysanthemum (the rejuvenating ambrosia of Korean royalty), dandelion, and Indian lotus flower (a natural exfoliator due to the alpha-hydroxy acids in its composition). The protein in lotus will leave your complexion purified, tight and firm and even fight against under-eye bags.

Those worried about too much tightening and purification and too little hydration/ nutrition should rest assured. Thanks to the specially-designed formula, containing a plethora of oils and butters, the Organic Flower ferment Cleansing Cream from Whamisa will leave your complexion not just clean but also soft and fully hydrated.

Shea butter will help nourish every single cell of your gentle skin, healing it in no time. Also thanks to its high antioxidant content (vitamins and catechins) and cinnamic acid esters, this much-needed ingredient will help guard your complexion against UV rays and fight premature aging. Rosewood oil is also a great component you need in your skincare products as it does work wonders in dealing with those fine line you hate so much. A bit more reactive than its counterparts, citrus oil comes packed with all the antioxidant properties of vitamin C that your face could handle.

Pretty awesome, right?! Not yet…as this formulation is not complete without the amazing root extracts (peony, licorice, dandelion) that Whamisa products are known and appreciated for, as well as the much-needed beeswax, a simple ingredient providing a super barrier against impurity attacks from the surrounding environment.

With so many active components and no chemicals in sight, there is no question as to why Whamisa’s Organic Flower Ferment Cleansing Cream is a great addition to any modern woman’s skincare routine.


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