COSRX One Step Moisture Up Pad


Cosrx one-step moisture up pad ? refine and replenish your skin the right way

The Cosrx one step moisture up pad is a simple way to hydrate your parched skin if you?re short on time. The right combination of propolis extract (70%) and sodium hyaluronate will quickly change the aspect of your skin.

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Whether you’re into a lengthy skincare or not, moisturizing is one step you shouldn’t skip on. After all, our skin is our largest organ and it should be treated with care.

And, thankfully, Cosrx thinks the same and managed to come up with the easiest way to quench your complexion even if you’re short on time.

Cheating your way through skincare? We can work with that!

The one-step moisturizing up pad is a simple solution for obtaining that radiant, healthy skin you crave. Cosrx’s one step moisture up pad’s unique formulation will deeply cleanse your complexion of any remaining makeup impurities and dirt while also smoothing out its texture and hydrating it to the brim…the ideal solution for those busy people who tend to skip on skincare steps.

A perfect product for those with extra sensitive skin, this pad acts as a very gentle exfoliator, leaving your complexion clean, hydrated and extremely smooth.

Just the right ingredients

Focusing on skin health and efficiency, this amazing pad is full of good components, each and every single one with its very own benefits. The star of the bunch, and main ingredient, propolis extract (70%) is nature’s very own restorative, antiseptic and healing darling. Decongest your pores and reduce any inflammation in just a few minutes!!!

Just a bit down the list, betaine and sodium hyaluronate are brought in to gift your cells with that optimal level of hydration. Their small molecules easily penetrate your skin, hydrating and plumping it out thanks to their moisture-retaining capabilities.

Perfectly complementing all other ingredients, lemon and bergamot essential oils balance out your skin’s natural oil levels, helping you say goodbye to unwanted acne and a bad complexion.