[SON&PARK] Beauty Filter Cream

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  • Instantly brightens dull complexion as if using beauty filter app
  • Contains niacinamide to help fade dark spots, freckles& blemishes
  • Formulated with vitamin liposome complex to protect, soothe & moisturize skin
  • A soft whipped cream like texture melts on the skin and boosts the makeup that follows
  • A moisturizer that hydrates skin with tone up effect to create a dewy radiant complexion
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Gone will be the days when you would look for beauty filters on your social media accounts because now you would be having your own beauty filter hidden in your shelf space forever.

A filter that assures gorgeous and picture-ready skin all day long, making your social media
filters meaningless.

Get prepared to give everyone, a small tease with your flawless and ever-radiant skin without hurting your pocket much.

This multi-tasking formula is enriched with micro particles that spread evenly across your face,
blending well into it. Nobody would even know about it as it secretly highlights your skin tone.

It covers up blemishes, scars and smooth out your pores as if they weren’t there at all. This is

Do you want to know more?

In no time, you would engage in continuous bonding with your best friend, Son &Park Beauty
Filter Cream.

Let’s get you started to know more about Son&Park Beauty Filter Cream.


After completing your daily cleansing regime, you can apply this light-based creamy formula as
a primer on your skin, using your fingertips, followed by your favorite foundation and makeup.

It closely abides by your skin without giving it any greasy texture but in fact gives it an impeccable tint of illumination.




A moisturizer that hydrates skin with tone-up effect to create a dewy, radiant complexion.


• A soft, whipped cream-like texture melts on the skin and boosts the makeup that follows

• Formulated with Vitamin Liposome Complex to protect, soothe & moisturize skin

• Instantly brightens dull complexion as if using beauty filter app
• Contains Niacinamide to help fade dark spots, freckles & blemishes


How to use:
Use as the last skincare step. Apply a moderate amount to face and gently dab.

How does it do so?

Simply, it has been formulated and researched profoundly to give you brightened complete
coverage. Son&Park Beauty Filter Cream mainly constitutes of White Flower Complex, Vitamin
Liposome Complex and Niacinamide.

You would be enthralled to know that a White Flower Complex is a bouquet of 8 kinds of white
flowers, including freesia, lotus, jasmine, white rose, liliumcandidum, edelweiss, iris and pseudo narcissu to treat you like a princess.

This unique complex heralds cooling and refreshing properties with a permanent brightening look. It diminishes any tiredness on the skin due to environmental stress, apparent in many scientific studies published on Journal of Experimental Dermatology.

Next is to break down Vitamin Liposome Complex, is an active ingredient that infuses moisture
into skin because of its vitamin E and vitamin F, activating natural healing process for a new
revamped texture As ushered by American Academy of Dermatology, it curbs down melanin production, making your skin appear lighter and radiant as it has big amounts of vitamin C and vitamin B3. That’s not it! It improves elasticity of skin, removing any fine creases or wrinkles, with the presence of vitamin A.


Lastly, Niacinamide could be defined as vitamin B3 softly appeases the skin by working as a

shield against all the external enemies that causes unwanted photo-aging. Proctor&Gamble
suggested that Niacinamide helps to lessen blemishes, skin redness and fights against hyperpigmentation,

Kudos to Son&Park Beauty Filter Cream that resolves all the skin problems in one go and

Now, going out could be fun again!

Be ready to be called as the next selfie queen!

Go girl! This is it!


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