Bano Anti Oxidant cream

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  • Firm skin
  • Anti oxidant
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Even skin texture
  • Improves complexion


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1.  The first step total treatment essence which helps to maintain bright and smooth skin as it contains 95% of Resmelin, excellent in anti-oxidative and moisturizing effect. Strong anti-oxidative effect through 95% of RESMELIN

2. The first step essence used right after cleansing, which improves skin texture

3. Total anti-aging essence which covers wrinkle-reducing, firming, moisturizing and skin brightness at once.

4. Clinical trial results of skin texture, wrinkle-reducing, firming, moisturizing and anti-oxidant test.

✔️Clinical trial results of skin texture, wrinkle-reducing, firming, moisturizing and anti-oxidant test.
⬆️45% increase in hydration 4weeks after use
⬆️27% increase in firming
⬆️16% increase in anti-wrinkle
⬆️14.8% increase in skin texture

It’s none other than Resmelin, drawn solely from all the natural extracts through the powerhouse biotechnology. It carries high concentration of anti-oxidants, compatible for all skin types. A 7 in 1 formula, that caters all your skin problems, from brightening, hydration and uneven skin tone, soothes out wrinkles, leaving it smooth and subtle.

Did you know that Resmelin is a derivative of Resveratrol, found in French red wine? Now you can pamper your skin with calming effects of ecstasy. As wine becomes more fragrant as it ages, you would become flawless in coming times.
Don’t opt for word-of-mouth, but by scientific proven facts.

Through a lab test, scientists in National Institutes of Health concluded that Resveratrol when applied to skin works as a shield against harmful rays. As Resveratrol is jam-packed with anti-oxidants, your skin is likely to bloom against escalating external stressors and has shown promising benefits, claimed by a study published in National Center for Biotechnology Information.

High concentration of Resveratrol aids in improving collagen production, elasticity and firmness, hence ultimately your skin loses its fine lines and crests, published in a research study in Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. Another study found it to have 17 times more antioxidant ability than idebenone, found in usual anti-wrinkling creams.

What a pro!
Where it could find this heavenly pleasure? Bano Bio Treatment Essence is on its way to you. This miraculous bottle does not only contain 95 percent Resmelin, but it has also blended DeoxyArbutin and AlphaBisabolol.

Let’s dig out what they are?

What can be more said about the benefits of DeoxyArbutin, a bio active ingredient that is far more superior to its counterpart Arbutin.
Discovered and proven that DeoxyArbutin is 80 percent safer than most of the other cream treatments and one can use it without any fear of irritation. Its workable texture enables it to seep down within the skin deepest layers and aids in removing tans, reduces melanin production and thus makes the skin lighter toned.

Found in chamomile essential oils, AlphaBisabolol is a bullet to target your wrinkles with a powerful boost of skin whitening.

Studies have shown it to tame down inflammation caused by sun exposure, with undeniably moisturizing capabilities that
does not dry out easily.

A clinical study was carried out that confirmed all these benefits, published in National Center for Biotechnology Information. People in cosmetic industry cannot get enough of AlphaBisabolol due to its ability to make other ingredients penetrate more effectively.

Holding Bano Bio Treatment Essence in your hands, you find simplest solution to all your needs, with the least of your hassles.
Its micro absorbing fluid penetrates acutely into your skin by small strokes of your fingers and builds a barrier to keep the good within and protection against the outside intruders.


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