Whamisa Organic Flower Olive Oil Mist

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  • High in anti-oxidant content
  • An instantly hydrating mist for a healthy, youthful skin
  • Firms & brightens the skin while boosting skin’s natural barrier



Size: 80ml

95.42% organic ingredients

A refreshing mist for a healthy, youthful look. Damask rose petals firm and brighten skin, while boosting skin’s natural barrier. Water free and uses aloe maculata leaf extract as a base for maximum hydration. Ingredients including chrysanthemum, dandelion leaf and lotus flower extracts are fermented with our signature process to better preserve natural benefits and effectively hydrate and tone on-the-go.


Size: 80ml

95.14% organic ingredients

An instantly hydrating mist for a healthy, youthful look. Includes olive leaves, high in antioxidant content. Water free and uses aloe maculata leaf extract as the base for maximum hydration. Ingredients including rice, oats and chrysanthemum extracts are fermented with our signature process to better preserve natural benefits and effectively hydrate and tone on-the-go.

Organic Flower Ferment Mists – for
a daily refreshing feeling in the
urban jungle

Facial mists might seem like a waste of money at first sight, at least to the untrained eye. You often see commercials of beautiful girls spraying this supposedly rejuvenating mist on their faces and probably think it will most likely smear your makeup.

This is certainly not the case. While these bottles of mist come in all shapes, sizes and formulations, they do work towards refreshing and rehydrating your skin, especially during hot summer months. Whether your complexion is irritated, dull and in need of brightening or just simply very dry, you will be glad to know that just a few spritzes of facial mist will instantly make everything better.

Why are Whamisa’s Organic Flower Ferment Mists worth a try?

The two Whamisa mists, based on rose leaf and olive extracts, stand out among the variety of simple thermal water bottles. Made with over 90% organic ingredients, mostly naturally fermented botanical extracts, these products are not just temporary fixes. The Lactobacillus used in all the fermentation/ extraction processes will also add some much needed probiotic activity to the mix.

Used long-term, these products will help improve the texture of your complexion, both moisturizing and nourishing it, and not just on the surface. The fact that they do not contain any of the dreaded parabens or mineral oils will only come as a plus.

Organic Flower Ferment Rose Leaf Mist

Combining the soothing properties of aloe with the anti-inflammatory properties of Damask and Japanese Rose oils and extracts,this first facial mist will leave your skin radiant and soft, no matter its initial condition.

Staying true to its flowery name, this composition is packed with a variety of petal extracts – chrysanthemum, daisy, dandelion, chamomile, lily, iris, calendula, bergamot, hibiscus, magnolia, lotus flower – all contributing with a special dose of something different towards aiding your sensitive skin. Who says flowers are just pretty?!

For an extra boost of nutrition, see grapes (holders of skin illuminating properties) combine with a plethora of root extracts – licorice (great for soothing sensitive skin), peony (used for hundreds of years to boost circulation and fight inflammation), and Baikal Skullcap (a Chinese medicine power-plant).

Miles apart from other skincare products, the Organic Flower fermented Rose Leaf Mist brings in natto gum, a common Asian food item. Surprisingly, this ingredient is much more than a snack, having outstanding properties – locking moisture inside your cells, acting as a moderator of unwanted immune responses in the skin, increasing vital hyaluronic acid functionalities and so much more. Pretty great, right?

Organic Flower Ferment Olive Leaf Mist

This second mist from Whamisa is a little bit more nourishing than its counterpart, mainly thanks to power ingredients such as plants oils (geranium, bergamot fruit, rosewood), olive leaf extracts, oat and rice ferments.


Power components obtained from botanicals like wild yam (a well-known anti-aging plant), chrysanthemum (the beloved immortality flower of Korean royalty), angelica flower (great for fighting infections and inflammation), see grapes (skin brightening) and Oakmosswill infuse your skin with all the much-needed minerals and vitamins it needs. Thanks to the various other botanical extracts (peony, licorice, lotus flower, Baikal Skullcap, Iceland moss, aloe) your complexion will look healthier and more radiant after just a few spritzes.


All the ingredients in the special Olive Leaf mist formulation work together beautifully to rejuvenate your skin in minutes. Brighter and more awake? Yes, but also firmer and more elastic, mainly thanks to all the gums in the composition – natto, guar and xanthan. Full of much-needed sugars and nutrients, these 3 ingredients are much more than just natural preservatives.


Packed with all-natural nutrition, the Organic Flower Ferment Mists are a great pick-me-up for every modern, on-the-go woman. Great for keeping on the desk or in your bag,
these products will instantly become addictive!

Well, if you guys following me for quite sometime, you know that previously i had my review for the popular Jurlique mist, but let me start off my review by saying
that this Whamisa organic flowers olive leaf mist is waaayy much better, because why? Let me explain to you haha First of all, the ingredients are amazing! It’s rich with antioxidants and organic skin loving ingredients with soothing properties. It has no acne triggers or irritants identified. If you see the water here, it’s not water btw, it’s Aloe Leaf Juice and whamisa put the real olive leaf inside the tube. I must say i was impressed with their presentation





Use regularly. Can be used on top of make up
– doesn’t smudge!


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