• Superfoods: The Absolute Essentials to Healthy Skin

    It has been said countless times that you are what you eat, meaning that the food you eat often reflects on your own body. This could not be truer for the skin. It isthe largest organ in our body after all, so it should come as no surprise that it can effectively reveal the state of our diet. When taking care of the skin, it is an understatement that we should watch what we eat. In fact, we should pay close attention because the contents of our plate could be the difference between average and radiant skin. What then are the foods that are a must have for a best results on the skin?

     1.  Dark chocolate

    Starting on a sweet note, chocolate is one of the most beloved snacks in our kitchens. But did you know that dark chocolate is also nutritious as well? The key word to note here is “dark”, as this indicates the level of cocoa flavanols present in each bar. It is these very flavanols that are great for the skin, providing antioxidant properties that help to keep the skin more hydrated, and therefore suppler.

    2.  Berries

    Continuing on the sweet tangent, everybody loves some good berries. Their strongest quality is the fact that they are rich in vitamin C, a very potent anti-oxidant. Everything from strawberries to blackberries to blueberries can have astounding effects on the skin when included as part of the daily diet. Substitute the sugar in your cereal for blueberries next time you are having breakfast and in time you will notice the change yourself.

    3.  Fish

    From the time we were little we have always heard that fish should become a regular part of our diet. Growing up, it becomes clearer just how much fish have to offer, especially for our skin. First of all, fish is often a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, which come with awesome anti-inflammatory properties. Fish also contain zinc, an all-important mineral that is essential for proper tissue repair. This translates to really soft skin. Last but not least, Fish is a great source of selenium, a very powerful anti-oxidant that can guard the skin from all sorts of skin diseases. So the next time you are out shopping, stock up on your salmon, sardines and herring.

    4.  Dark leafy greens

    If you have always liked kale then it should come as an extra bonus to you that it is a great source of vitamin A and C. It is also rich in the nutrient lutein which can help the skin neutralize the effects of harmful UV radiation. The same could be said about a lot of the leafy greens out there, so do not be afraid to stock up.

    5.  Water

    This is perhaps the most important item you can drink for your skin. Always stay hydrated so that you skin does not exhibit signs of drying up. It is healthy all around and should never be underestimated for the numerous benefits it brings to your skin. So remember to always drink your water.

  • Get Back to the Basics with These Essential Skin Care Tips

    When it comes to skin care, there is a lot of information available that offers all sorts of guides on how best to accomplish such a detailed feat. However, ask any woman out there, and most will tell you that all this information aside, it is just as important to get back to the basics when taking care of your skin. The absolute basics are sometimes all it takes to get your skin looking radiant again, and in this article, we will shed light on some of the most basic tips that should be a part of your everyday routine.

    1.  Protect yourself from the sun

    This might sound like such a hard ask considering the sun is out there every day, but it is important to note that what we feel as heat when we expose ourselves to its rays also comes with radiation. The Ultraviolet Radiation coming from the sun can have disastrous effects on unguarded skin. Everything from wrinkles and discoloration to skin cancer is on the table with too much exposure to the sun. Keep your skin safe by investing good quality sunscreen as well as avoiding baking in the sun for long periods of time. Do not be afraid to seek out the shade whenever you are out and about, and your skin will thank you for it.

    2.  Clean daily but don’t forget to tone too

    It is fairly obvious that we should clean our skin every day. After all, that is how we get rid of the dirt accumulated on it throughout the day. However, what many often choose not to do or are unaware of completely is toning.  It may seem like an extra set of steps in your cleaning routine, but investing in a good toner could be the difference between you and acne free skin. What toning does is go after the residual dirt that often clings just a little more on the skin, even after normal washing. A good toner will often get these particles and leave your pores clean and dirt free.

    3.  You are what you eat

    It is no secret that anyone can tell what is going on in your diet by what you eat.  That said, the healthier the foods we take in, the better our skin will glow. Invest in a lot of dark leafy vegetables for the vitamins and minerals, but do not forget the berries and the antioxidants that they carry with them. Stock up on some omega 3 from some fish and your skin will definitely thank you for it.

    4.  Be gentle

    This is one of the most basic tips and also the most forgettable. We spend a lot of our days exposed to the harsh conditions of the environment, but we often forget to be gentle towards our skin. When it comes to cleaning, avoid scrubbers that are too abrasive, that can leave you feeling raw after a bath. Remember to moisturize so that your skin does not go dry, and avoid water that is too hot when showering.

    5.  Avoid stress

    Have you ever noticed the acne that often comes knocking when you are under stress? It is not a coincidence that it happens because these two are related, the skin reacts to that stress that we feel and it often very quickly shows on our skin. So try to declutter your life from stressful situations and your skin will reflect this calm and control in graceful radiance.

    All said and done, it is very easy to forget these simple things and jump straight into the complex routines, but so long as these are not abandoned, your skin can only look better the more you continue to care for it.

  • Your Complete K-beauty Hair Product Basket

    Is obtaining long and shiny tresses your far distant aspiration? Well, not anymore! You can also flaunt stunning thick locks in no time, similar to thousands of women who cannot stop themselves in going gaga over K-Beauty hair care.

    Be a pro, go natural!

    The Korean beauty regime leaves no stone unturned to help you achieve beautiful and healthy hair, with the usage of natural occurring ingredients and state-of-the-art methods. Korean hair experts have meticulously combined nutritious extracts of argan, green olives, raspberry, gooseberry, aloe vera and many more that gives volume, strength and luster. This regime follows the similar nourishing mantra of caring like their skin; they consider their hair as their proud possession.

    Before hair care, first do the scalp care

    This nurturing routine is based on the conviction that scalp and hair care are two separate means and require distinct formulations. Say to good bye to weak and brittle hair and adopt Korean Hair routine, which really emphasizes in keeping your scalp healthy and clean for perfect locks. Usually, salon treatments and harsh chemicals, build up on your scalp, accompanied with external dirt and damage.In this incredible practice, scalps are cleansed and exfoliated for better hair growth and in comes the scalp scalers. These scalers are eminently based on salicylic acid for removing impurities, oil build-up and dead skin cells. This promotes strong hair growth, hair which is resilient, able to stay in their original color with luscious texture and shine. Let it stay on scalp for few minutes and rinse, once a week.

    Next comes the scalp massage by using scalp brushes during shampooing that fosters blood circulation in hair follicles, further removing any leftovers and thus aiding in hair growth.

    Maintaining a healthy pH level on your scalp is very critical. In case of itchy scalp, it means that your scalp is alkaline, causing dandruff, eczema etc. For such issues, a weekly vinegar rinse is imperative.

    Your hair wants masks and essence too

    If you are in a belief that masks are only for skin, then think again! Korean hair experts have formulated highly enriched and potent hair masks that provide hydration and nourishment from the root to the tip, running through each strand of your precious hair. In just fifteen minutes and so, these masks will leave your hair feel well-fed with the presence of herbal essences and extracts, with amino acids and elastin.

    If following Korean routine, you cannot dare to skip their endearing essence, even for hair and work up as a finishing step for your hair care. These highly concentrated essences are tailor made to each and every need and problem of hair. Your hair would feel soft and fragrant like never before and would return back hydration.

    Go easy on your wallet

    Another allure that distinguishes K-Hair care regime is that it is fairly lighter on the wallet, despite of using several product lines for reaping optimum benefits for your beloved hair.

    Hair care is usually overshadowed with skin care, but not in Korean regime, where hair is an integral part of every beauty and grooming talk.

  • Why people are falling into Korean Beauty Routine?

    Glowing skin lovers are taken by storm by the Korean Beauty regime, simply because of the reason that it actually works up wonders on your skin and in no time. Natural ingredients accompanied with active elements, constant innovation through research and investigations are the revolutionizing tools of this regime that enable people to wear their best selves ever.

    Korean products have mild formulations, free from harsh chemicals. Another significant allure that sets K-Beauty apart from others is its unique ingredients, from cactus oil, royal honey to bamboo extracts, this routine is super food for healthy and happy you.

    This impeccable routine does not run out and is not only focused on skin care but it is meant for a complete body care from head to toe, delivering outstanding results with tremendous happy tales. Sheet masks, BB creams or cushion compacts have all originated from the Korean innovative skin regime and have become a regular component of every handbag.

    Unlike western beauty’s multi-function mantra, K-Beauty does not enlist few products to go through but it is a beauty wardrobe, specified for each season of the year.

    The central idea of this most-loved regime is that people should take time out for themselves every day and pamper themselves. They soak themselves into the exotic smells and fragrances of these rekindling Korean products, which they truly deserve. This me-time is essential for caring for not only your skin needs but your neglected spirit to rejuvenate itself before and after facing this hurting world.

    The skincare regime kicks off with a double cleansing when the day ends. Oil based cleanser is used to remove all the makeup and impurities, clogging the pores, followed by a water based cleanser to remove any leftovers on the skin.

    It must be followed by an exfoliator, twice a week to gently eradicate dead cells. This is critical, as dead cells block away pores, preventing absorption of formulations and causing dull skin.

    Toner is applied to balance the pH levels of the skin after acidic cleansers. The use of essence lies at the heart of K-beauty method, as it soothes out the thirsty skin cells with hydration that gets worn out daily.

    Skin moisturization is non-negotiable and imperative for even oily skin. Korean essences are infused with earth occurring elements and gives back radiance and suppleness back to the skin. Unlike common moisturizers, these water-based essences go a long way and provide all the essential nutrition that a flawless and ageless skin needs.

    In case of additional protection, ampules and serum treatments must be applied. These treatments form a shield on the skin, without any greasiness and oiliness, catering to your exclusive requirement depending upon your selection.

    People round the globe cannot get enough of Korean Sheet masks, catering to a wide gamut of issues and concerns, from deep hydration to wrinkle reduction, applied twice or thrice a week. These face masks are formulated to penetrate deep within your skin layers and bring out plump, spotless and glowing skin altogether.

    Furthermore, an eye cream can be applied to care specially for fine lines and dark circles. The routine ends with moisturizer and in case of morning it must have SPF for protection against the harmful sun rays.

    Just a nudge to your busy lifestyle and win back your dewy skin tone with K-Beauty routine. Believe us; you would not regret a single second spent!