Our Story

Our Story

We are bold and dare to look past pretty packaging…

We are really clever in uncovering beauty gems…

We are pretty resourceful in bringing them to your doorstep…

We have superpowers

We truly believe in the transformative powers of cosmetics and are excited to be a champion of amazing niche of K-beauty and skincare brands. Our solid insight into all things cosmetics allows us to look past trends and fad and be able to guide you in finding ‘the one’.

We were founded in March 2015. While we started with only a few dreams, sold through 3rd party online stores, we are proud to say that our accounts have quickly become number 1. At first, we only carried a few, albeit carefully curated, products from innovative labels. Now, our portfolio is comprised of a few dozen outstanding brands, all well-known in the k-beauty world.

Our ever-growing team is young, passionate and ready to accompany you on the exciting journey of discovering South Korean beauty gemstones. While some of us started an entirely new chapter at COCOMO, we have become experts by believing and doing. We know that the right product can give a woman her confidence back and we want to be a part of that. If you also think like us be sure to say hello at cocomo.sg.  

One thing to keep in mind…we are also quite picky and we carefully curate every single product, putting an emphasis on natural ingredients and effectiveness. From avant-garde products based on snail slime and venoms to specially fermented botanical extracts and serums, every single item we present you with is of exceptional quality.

Now, quality is not an aloof concept of the elites. Paired with functionality and a sensible price, quality is for everyone. This is something that deeply resonates with us. Thus, we choose to work with all bold, clever people who appreciate our dedication to beauty.

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